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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> desperate measures in midair. why a plane was hijacked overnight bit its own copilot. >> plus, a shooting outside a busy bay area mall. we're live with new details on the search for suspects. >> sochi socked in. which olympic events are now delayed due to fog. >> we have no fog to show you in san francisco to kick off your presidents' day. if you got the day off even if you don't, got to good looking forecast headed our way with rain coming in soon. we'll detail that in moments. >> sounds good. speaking of take a look at this as we take to you foster city. you see the commute under way on this presidents' day, monday, february 17, this is "today in the bay." >> good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker in for laura. >> i'm scott mcgrew. new details after an ethiopian
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airline copilot hijacked a plane and flew to the switzerland in attempt to seek asylum. the boeing 767 took off from the ethiopian capitol bound for rome but investigators say the copilot locked himself in the cockpit after the pilot went to the bathroom. he landed the plane in geneva and turned himself over to authorities. he wanted asylum because he felt threatened in his home country. he faces a slew of charges including one that will carry a prison sentence of up to 20 years. >> 6:01 now, you saw that fog there on the san mateo bridge. we check in with meteorologist christina loren as we take a live look outside. you see the two different pictures here and a bit of fog out there. >> yes, just a little upslope fog. you're not going to find it at the surface, kind of like what they are dealing with in sochi around the mountains, the higher
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elevations you head up 280 as you get closer that's where you want to be careful. a nice looking start to the day. thanks for waking up with us every morning especially on a holiday. you don't have to go to work, you are lucky. throughout the day today, temperatures are going to be comfortable. we'll end up in the 60s. this is what we expect. a clear morning, watchy clouds later on today. tomorrow morning that's when the thick fog that will impact your drive to work moves in. into the midsection of the week we're talking about the return of rain showers, we need it at this point. we could be half inch, quarter inch promisingsing in the south bay. we'll take whatever we can get. we'll keep you updated. i'm time out the system. back to you, scott and peggy. >> now to the 2014 winter olympics as we take you live here to look at the olympic torch so you can see it burning in the foreground.
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in the background the mountais,s the ski lifts, but the fog hanging in the mountains. the view beautiful. the fog is forcing the olympic committee to delay some events. >> we have a picture tweeted out by american skier maddie bowman. you can barely see the ski poles. janelle wang joins us from sochi with a look at some events that are now delayed. >> reporter: yeah, they are delayed for at least one day. it is chilly here. i haven't worn this jacket in five days and i had to pull it out today. i'm still cold. i forgot my gloves, my hat, back in the hotel because i was not expecting this chilly conditions up in the mountains. it's not snow, that's a problem, it's the thick, thick fog. zero to low visibility up in the mountain cluster. that has forced olympic organizers to cancel the biathlon race today, also men's
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snowboard cross, both postponed until tomorrow. squaw valley's nate is competing in that. the women competed in that. six start at the top of the mountain. it's a race to the bottom. athletes describe it as a demolition derby. americans came in fourth place and did not medal. two-men bobsled, the finals going on, three american teams are in it including steven holcomb, core butner and nick cunningham. the americans are trying to end a 62-year run without a medal in the two-man bobsled. on the slopes, great in the super g. at 36 miller becomes the oldest olympian to win a medal in alpine history, the most decorated with six medals, it was an emotional win as miller thought of his younger
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brother who died last year of a seizure. >> my brother passing away, i really wanted to come back here and race you know, the way he sends it. so this was a little different. >> reporter: great win, emotional win for bode miller. he has two more events on wednesday and saturday. the giant slalom and the slalom. usa has 16 medals, tied in second place with russia. the netherlands lead with 17. hopefully we win more tonight. ice dancing takes place and we're in first place so fingers crossed for that. from the sochi games, squa nell wang, back to you. >> we'll come back to you in a bit. >> that interview with bode miller is attracting controversy online. as you saw miller broke down while speaking with christin cooper after his bronze medal run. miller cried after he was asked several questions about the death of his younger brother.
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>> when you look up in the sky at the start we see you there and it looks like you're talking to somebody. what's going on there? >> you can see miller obviously just overcome. he was kind of crying before the questions started. miller ended up walking away into the arms of his wife and shortly after many criticized the reporter saying she bombarded him with questions in hopes of bringing him to tears. miller responded to fan reactions with a series of tweets defending the reporter. my emotions were very raw, she asked the questions that every interviewer would have, pushing is part of it and she was not trying to cause pain. >> for the latest on the winter olympics you can visit, you'll find all kinds of slide shows, featuring the sights and sounds of russia and get a look at janelle's blog where she has been highlighting all of her coverage and her trip. and the olympic spirit is up and
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at it this morning not only in sochi but in san jose. right now bob redell is live on the ice for his own curling lesson. he will show us all of the sweeping and sliding after this break.
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welcome back. happy presidents' day to you. if you don't have the day off tod today, i'll let you know if anything crops up on the roadways. weather is looking good. we're going to hit the mid-60s later on, still counting on the rain midweek. time that out to your door step. over to you.
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scott and peggy. >> police are scouring surveillance video from stores hoping to find the person who caused panicked shoppers to scatter. christie smith is live in san francisco this morning. so christie, are police telling us anything about the suspect? >> reporter: good morning to you. they haven't said a lot about it. right after the shooting the suspect disappeared into the crowd. as you can imagine it was chaos with everyone trying to get out of the way. what police are doing is checking surveillance tape because the man who was shot down the stairs or escalator into the powell street b.a.r.t. station. also this happened over there near the entrance to the westfield san francisco shopping center so police will check as many tapes as they can to figure out who this shooter is. that sent shoppers running into stores and down the street after they heard at least two shots
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around 7:15 last night in a very busy part of the city right near stores and also near the powell street cable turnaround. tourists and residents watched in horror, bart and muni trains bypassed the station for a time after the man collapsed there. witnesses describe the first minutes. they don't think this is random. >> it was just real quick, bang, bang, then everyone scattered. they started running like the direction i was going i looked and people were going run, people going in the stores. >> we believe this was targeted, so hopefully that assures the public. >> reporter: right after the shooting police cordoned off market street and picked up what appeared to be clothes from a storefront. the young man shot underwent surgery at sf general hospital, believed to be listed in critical condition. again, san francisco police telling us again they want
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witnesses to come forward but they are also checking surveillance tapes to see what they can find. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." now back to the 2014 sochi games. let's take you there live to the mountain runs. almost a white-out u. see the fog, that is really today's big story. two big events pushed back because of the fog on the slopes, that includes the men's snowboarding cross and the biathlon. >> one of the big olympic sports that doesn't get affected by fog but attracts attention is played inside and that is curling. the sport is attracting lots of high profile fans including 49er vernon davis who is in sochi as an honorary team apartment. he is a big fan, he got his start with a south bay curling club. >> bob redell is practicing with the bay area curling club live at sharks ice in san jose.
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and we know you're into this and that it is not as easy as it looks. >> reporter: that's the point i'm going to make right now as i attempt to throw a stone. this is probably the fifth stone i have tried to throw. when i say throw you are basically sliding and pushing. here we go. okay. hold the mike. >> sweep! >> you guys got to sweep a lot more to get it all the way down there. not best throw. second best. >> very nice. >> barry is speechless. what's going on in sochi better than that f. you look at the men and women's teams, our team, the united states team, they have been disappointing? >> i'm disappointed they haven't done well but you know what,
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they are in a lot of their game, it's not like they are blow-outs. trust me those folks are really good and they represented us well. i'm proud of them. >> reporter: you think something has to chance with u.s. curling though? maybe the competitors become professional? all of them have day jobs. this is not their main gig. >> right. that's true. i think there is a couple of models. you could put together a couple of pros type teams where they are funded by the u.s. curling association, or we could come wake-up a better development program throughout curling so from the junior ranks up through you know, middle age we have better training programs so we have a more depth in our curling field. >> i know you have 150 in the bay area curling club. you've been curling all your life. what is the lure for you? >> i tell people i was home sick from school one day and my mother had an afternoon game and so she dragged me down to the
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curling club and there was an empty sheet of ice with 16 stones and i couldn't resist. i threw all 16 stones, i got the last one in the house and i've been curling ever since and that was 51 years ago. chess on ice if you like. it's a team game, it takes four people to be successful on every shot. it's not what do you do or what's your job. it's a total team participation. that's why i love it. >> i don't think i would say this to a man but would you sweep for me? >> i'd sweep for you any time. >> here we go. we're going to throw one more stone. >> reporter: scott and peggy, they have a website. they are looking for members. if this doesn't inspire you i don't know what will. >> i'm inspired. let's see it, bob. there he goes. look at that. >> sweep!
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>> i like the pants. >> wait. go to the other side. >> yes. they may need to push it with the brooms. there we go. look, it went further, bob. i don't know how that happened. >> through the miracle of kicking. >> very good. i'm impressed g. job, bob redell. a lot of people signing up after that. >> a lot of events at the olympics happen while you're sleeping. we're going to air those later today. there are two kinds of people, the ones who want to wait and the guy who can't. we'll show you the spoilers. >> if you would rather wait until tonight close your eyes. we'll put the winners on the screen.
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>> spoiler alert over. now it's safe to look at your tv. >> it's a holiday treat fresh powder in the sierra. >> the sierra got a fresh coat of snow. they reported 9 inches over the weekend. others like heavenly and squaw reported 3 inches of snow. great conditions for skiers and snowboarders and we checked at this time right now chains are not needed on highway 50 or interstate 90 over the summit. >> so speaking of let's check in with christina with a travel forecast. >> i want to start here in san francisco. as you can see mostly clear conditions, a nice pretty start to the day. mostly clear across the board. yowl notice 40 from the live cameras. the forecast is at the bottom of the screen.
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in the south bay look how pretty it is in san jose. a gorgeous start to the day. by lunch time it's cool enough for a jacket. at about 57 degrees. 4:00 p.m., 61 so make sure you have the coat with you all day long. overall we're looking pretty good. not just for today. for the entire week. you'll notice that on the seven-day forecast. it is presidents' day. if you are going to be traveling today looking pretty g. you get to tahoe 51 degrees out there. a mix of sun and clouds. it's going to be cold so oakland, 61 degrees, 63 in san jose, walnut creek at 62 degrees. there's a lot of stuff happening today. if you haven't made plans stick around. i'm going to show you what's happening and give you the forecast in my next report. i want to talk about our next chance for rain. that moves in as we head through wednesday at 1:00 a.m. we stop that clock. showers moving only in the north bay. but as we continue that futurecast, stop it at 4:00 a.m. starting to get showers in the
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south bay. we're looking pretty good for the rain. overall today, mild and sunny. a lot of people have the day off. we gave mike the day off. we miss him. he'll be back tomorrow. i'm happy to report we gave him the day off. if anything happens we'll let you know. back to you, scott and peggy. >> more people walked on the moon than have hosted "the tonight show." >> so tonight marks a historic moment for nbc and jimmy fallon as he becomes the sixth host of "the tonight show" in 60 years. of course he did get his start on "saturday night live," late night was his warm-up, now jimmy fallon is bringing the show back to its original new york roots. his new set in the same "30 rock" studio where "the tonight show" spent its first two decades. >> doesn't get bigger than "the tonight show." this is the job of your lifetime. >> you feel pressure? >> a little pressure. more excitement and i don't want
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to you know, i don't want to ruin something that means so much. you know. i don't want to screw it up. >> and we don't think he will. tune in tonight for "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon at a special time after the olympics and our late news starting at midnight. next week jimmy will be back at the regular time of 11:35. >> still ahead at 6:20, "today in the bay" a science project send was to high schoolers to the hospital in seattle. >> a california mother and her children trapped in a burning car as her husband frantically tries to get them out. a devastating story and a horrible end for this rescue. >> you are looking at live pictures this morning, this is minneapolis, minnesota, looks like sochi. three more inches of snow, another snowstorm moving through the midwest.
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today's top stories for you. ethiopian airlines copilot could spend up to 20 years in prison. authorities say he hijacked his own boeing 767 bound for rome, landed the plane in geneva, eventually turned himself over to authorities. authorities say the copilot wanted asylum in switzerland because he felt threatened in his home country. >> police are looking at surveillance video this morning hoping it will help them find a person who shot a man outside the westfield mall about 7:00
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last night. the victim's injuries are very serious. the shooting was not random. >> in san jose, police are also looking for a man they say shot two people in a crowded shopping center, it happened at 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday at the king plaza shopping center. both victims are expected to be okay. as for the suspect, police say he took off in a tan four-door sedan. >> a mather and her four children died when their car burst into flames in central california. the children's father was following in another vehicle. this happened near fresno. investigators say the family was driving home in two separate vehicles from a birthday party when a car ran a stop sign and hit the suv, carrying the mother and children. >> the vehicle immediately burst into flames somehow which is kind of unique. but the parties were unable to get out of the vehicle. it appears that the driver did attempt to get out but didn't make it.
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>> the father was badly burned trying to rescue his family. the children range 2 to 11. the woman who ran the stop sign is still in the hospital with serious injuries. >> two teens working on a science project were hurt. the project involved model rockets and police say they received reports of a loud explosion. the blast knocked out the windows and shot debris in the yard. the boys remain hospitalized in serious condition. in the home police found more explosives including several homemade fireworks, bottle rockets and a sky rocket. >> this morning investigators trying to piece together information about a burned body near a park in the oakland hills. emergency crews say the body was still on fire when they arrived in the parking lot of skyline boulevard. the entrance to regional -- redwood regional park. it happened saturday night in the oakland hills. police say the woman's body was burned beyond recognition and
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may be difficult to identify her. >> we're going to call this a suspicious death. we don't know if it's a homicide or it's something self-inflicted. we don't know. >> the coroner has not determined a cause of death. >> palo alto police are searching for a man wearing a pretty strange disguise who tried to rob a gas station at gunpoint. this at the 76 station on san antonio road on highway 101 on saturday night. a cashier says a man wearing a long curly wig walked up to the counter, pulled out a gun and demanded cash. the cashier said no, closed the drawer and refused to hand over money. the suspect ran off. >> let's check your weather with christina. >> good morning to you. look at this, we're getting a red, white and blue sunrise in san francisco, spectacular to kick off your presidents' day. we don't have low clouds, the sun is going to break through early and as a result our temperatures are going to warm
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nicely which is good news if you want to make outdoor plans. great day to go to the city. 46 degrees in san francisco, we'll be at about 59 degrees. we want to tell you about some of the free events for presidents' day. coming up back to you. >> thank you much. >> time 6:27. still ahead, continuing coverage of the 2014 winter olympics. >> janelle wang gives tus flavor of sochi at a local restaurant. why many broken plates are on the menu. >> she finally got a day off. she got a hot meal. we'll check in with her, also look at these live pictures. you can see the mountain range there but fog holding up events.
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the flavor of sochi janelle wang samples a local dish. how one restaurant will charge you if you break a plate. that's ahead in a live report. >> a live look now at the sunrise here as we take you over
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san jose. what a nice start to this monday. we'll have your full presidents' day forecast coming up. right now it's 6:29, february 17th, this is "today in the bay." good morning. thank you for joining us. whether you have to go to work or you have the day off. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm peggy bunker in for laura garcia-cannon this morning. now we take you back to sochi for the 2014 winter games. you can see there the flame burning brightly there as we give you a live loom from sochi, russia. the flame is at the center of the olympic plaza off the black sea coast. >> take a look at the map of olympic plaza, the middle of several arenas and one large olympic stadium. each arena has a home for a specific sport. janelle wang is live in the plaza near the iceberg skating
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palace. and you've been able to soak up some of the -- there is the iceberg -- some of the unique local flavor. >> reporter: i did that too. isn't the iceberg beautiful. it's supposed to look like an iceberg and at night it lights up. we're going to walk over here. remember last friday when i was doing break dancing, that is right behind that welcome sign. that's entrance of the park where the dancers are from all sorts of countries. we keep on going, keep on walking, that's fisht stadium. that's where we had the opening ceremony, closing ceremony will be on sunday. if we keep on going of course you can't miss that, the olympic cauldron, a lot of people stopping here to take pictures. busy here today. we've got figure skating going on, curling, hockey game, so a lot of events happening. i finally had a day off after 17 days, i went to the black sea, it was too cold to go swimming. i got out in 20 seconds. i went to a russian restaurant.
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i want to show you pictures. our whole team, our whole team from nbc from the nbc owned stations from all over the country, like new york, chicago, miami, dallas, l.a., us, san diego, we had a team dinner. we managed to have the whole night off at the same time. so we went to a russian restaurant and everybody has been telling me all the locals you've got to get borsh soup for the wintertime. it's made out of beet but it was like a minestrone soup in a bread bowl. it made me think of san francisco. like soup in a bread bowl. there was a shot of vodka on the side. i didn't know what to do with that, if i should pour it in the soup or shoot it after. i didn't have any shot of vodka. i gave that away. the last picture if we can pull that up is the last page on the menu. this is the price for broken
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dishes. yes. we were eating on fine china. so a plate, if i had broken it, would have been 2000 rubles, about $60. i had tea last night. the tea pot if i broke that would have been 1500 rubles, like almost $50. so i was very careful. there was some plate breaking last night to be honest but it wasn't us. it was the wait staff. i was trying to eat lady like which is not normal for me. but the food was delicious. >> i'm sure it was. is this a problem? people breaking plates? >> you've got the vodka and -- >> i don't know. it's not like we're in greece. it's not like opa and breaking plates but i guess you know, but we were dining on fine china. it's a really nice restaurant at our hotel. i didn't even know it was there, and our whole team gathered and it was delicious food. the silverwear, the flatware was amazing. it was gorgeous.
6:34 am
we had to be careful. >> we know you are working around the clock. you deserved that dinner out. i would have gone for the vodka. what would you say has been your favorite thing. what were you not expecting? >> reporter: the black sea being so cold. i didn't think it was going to be colder than the bay area. that was cold. but the people and are just so friendly and so nice. the russian women are gorgeous, their kids are adorable. and they have been so warm. so warm. even though we're like big competitors in all of the olympic sports they are so welcoming, so kind. the security has been incredible. like nothing to worry about. it's been such a great atmosphere. they have been welcoming. so we really enjoyed that. tomorrow we are heading up to the mountain cluster and the views are spectacular, so you're going to see that on the morning show tomorrow. my photographer mikey wants to do something daring in the
6:35 am
gondola but we're going to see that happen if we can pull it off you'll see it on "today in the bay." >> very cool. >> the fee for a broken gondola is very expensive so. be careful. or a broken mikey vang. doing a great job. >> stlur s. you can catch all of the excitement here on nbc bay area at 3:00 with the women's biathlon. >> prime time at sate clock t gold medal finals in ice dancing, men's free style aerial skiing and men's ski jumping. men's snowboard cross t men's biathlon are pushed back until tomorrow. there is so much fog. >> you could see it was completely socked in so probably a safety issue there. not necessarily the case here in the bay area. you said fog. >> yeah, we have patches out there but really not enough to where you need to add extra time for the drive. and of course you cup that will
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with the fact it's a holiday and you should be okay. look at this, a red, white and blue start to the day. very, very pretty here in san francisco. we're getting the same pretty sky over the south bay. east bay looking good, this is where you find low clouds, over oracle arena. you can see we're at 57 degrees as a result of that limited sunshine at lunch time. 59 in the heat of the day. you know what, it's going to be pretty nice. mild and sunny for presidents' day. i've been telling you about free events. it's free national park day. if you wanted to go to muir woods you can get in free, also maybe you have tomorrow off as well negotiation to yosemite, it's free for today. and tahoe where a lot of people are going to be headed for ski week, 51 degrees, make sure you have your cold wardrobe ready to go. it's going to be cold overnight. 62 in walnut creek. 61 degrees in oak town so looking really good. then we have changes to tell you about as we head deeper into the
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week. starting tomorrow we'll see clouds starting to increase. then our first showers arrive overnight tomorrow, into very early wednesday. we're not expecting much, we want to let you know ach all our rainy months are going to come to a close after we hit april. we want to keep that window open for precipitation that we can get. stop that clock at 1:00 a.m. on wednesday, showers located over the north bay. all of that moisture will press in the south bay, we get rain shadow effect from the santa cruz mountains. 5:00 a.m., a little bit of activity on wednesday morning. i'll have your full forecast coming up. back to you, scott and peggy. >> 6:37. still ahead demanding answers in the north bay. what protesters want police to reveal months after a deputy opened fire on 13-year-old boy. this may sound like a long shot,
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but one day you will be the greatest athlete in your sport. but before you begin to run, you will learn to walk. again. you'll curse the fact that something you mastered as a 1-year-old is now so difficult. but you will take that first step. and you will never stop moving forward. at citi, we believe in everyone's potential, which is why citi and rico are giving back to paralympic sports programs to help future athletes every step of the way.
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6:40 now. san jose police are asking for the public's help as they search for a suspect in a deadly hit-and-run crash. this happened near capitol expressway and monterey road yesterday afternoon. police say they showed up to find a man in his 30s lying on the ground bleeding. he was pronounced dead soon after. witnesses told police there was some sort of fight before the
6:41 am
crash, after which the driver took off. >> another march and protest today in santa rosa over the death of 13-year-old andy lopez. deputy eric gelhouse shot the teen. he thought lopez was carrying a real automatic weapon back in november. turned out to be a replica. at 1:30 today protesters gather at the old court house square calling on the sonoma county d.a. to indict gelhouse. the group is asking if santa rosa police deept release its report on the shooting. >> time 6:41. a plane hijacked by its own copilot. we'll tell you why he says he did it and where the plane was able to land. >> a shooting steps away from a busy bay area mall. the search for the gunman ahead in a live report. >> happy presidents' day to youment we have a beautiful sunrise over san francisco. temperatures today are going to be on the cool side. we're counting on showers by midweek. got your full forecast.
6:42 am
let's to talk about this morning. >> also in the spirit of sochi in the south bay, bob redell and his broom will be out on the ice for a curling lesson. we're back shortly with 15 minutes of nonstop news.
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new details after an ethiopian copilot flew a plane to switzerland. the boeing 767 carrying 200 passengers took off from the ethiopian capitol bound for rome. investigators say the man wanted asylum in switzerland because he felt he was threatened in his home country. when the pilot theft cockpit he took control of the plane. >> the pilot went to the toilet and he closed down the door. >> the copilot landed the plane in geneva and turned himself
6:45 am
over to authorities. he faces hostage charges which carries a prison sentence up to 20 years. >> police are looking for the person they say opened fire outside a busy san francisco shopping mall. christie smith is live in san francisco. christie, police hope surveillance video is going to help. >> reporter: yes, good morning. that's exactly right. right after the shooting as you can imagine it was complete chaos out here and the shooter ran off into the crowd. so police are checking a number of sources of surveillance tape. the victim was shot there near the mall entrance but made it down into the powell street b.a.r.t. station, the bottom of the steps where he collapsed. you can imagine it was chaos. shoppers and residents running for cover around 7:15. this is a busy corner. the westfield shopping center is here. across the street cable car turnaround. at the time muni and b.a.r.t. trains bypassed the b.a.r.t.
6:46 am
station during the investigation. we spoke with a witness who described the first moments after the shooting. >> the first thing you're thinking is there going to be more, you know, where is the person that had the gun. it was chaotic. once i third cops coming i felt a lot better. >> reporter: police picked up clothes from a store front here on market street after the shooting. they tell us they don't think that this was random, that the victim was likely targeted. we're told he underwent surgery overnight. still listed in critical condition. back live, police tell us they are still looking for witnesses to come forward. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> in a different shopping incident police are looking for a man who shot two people in a crowded center after 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday near the intersection of burrdete drive and south king. the victims a man and woman
6:47 am
tried to get away after they were shot. it was a drive-by shooting but some of the people we talked to say they saw the shooter standing in the plaza. doctors think that both victims will live, police are looking for the shooter. he drove away 18 tan four-door sedan. >> mike inouye has the day off. we'll check the forecast and give you a live look at the sunrise over san jose as we say a very good presidential day morning to christina loren. >> good morning to you. we're getting a beautiful sky. beautiful sunrise fit for a president, just beautiful in san francisco. as we head throughout the day it's going to be nice. hey, this is a perfect sky for you to take a picture of. send it to us and we'll put it on our facebook page. we love sharing your work. 46 in san francisco. mother nature is doing the hard work, the heavy lifting. 43 in the east bay, 42 degrees in the south bay. we have changes coming our way.
6:48 am
65 degrees later on "today in the east bay" at 59 in san francisco, looking pretty good at 63 degrees later on today. in the north bay. so clouds will increase throughout tomorrow. typically we don't get that thick fog the day after. we're starting out nice and clear. and temperatures are whoing good. 59 in san francisco, 61 in oakland. san jose at 63, walnut creek at 62 and if you are headed to tahoe though chains are not required now you want to make sure you have them with you because we expect more rain and snow. today, mild and mostly clear, it should be beautiful out there in tahoe. i wanted to show you this beautiful sky over san jose as the sun is starting to make an appearance. patchy low clouds as we head throughout the second half of the day. you want to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination tomorrow. our next weathermaker moves in
6:49 am
on wednesday. a lot of the kids are up there for ski week in tahoe we're going to get more snowfall. when it is ski week we typically get a lighter commute all week long. i for one am not going to complain about that. >> back to the 2014 winter ix, a live look at the olympic torch burning in the heart of olympic plaza in coachy. right now men's cross snowboarding and the biathlon delayed because of heavy fog on the slopes. >> but today really exciting because much of the focus will be on figure skating and charlie white and meryl davis trying to be the first americans to win the olympic title in ice dancing. they are in a terrific position so far, first place after that short program, janelle wang joins us live in sochi for a skating preview. i for one am really looking forward to seeing them skate
6:50 am
their long program. the short program was phenomenal. >> reporter: it was near perfect, basically. they are in first place. they won silver in vancouver. i feel gold in my bones hoping they will win. competition begins in about with 10 minutes from now at the iceberg as you see behind me. and two days from now on wednesday -- sorry can't talk it's getting cold. the ladies take the ice, gracie gold and of course polina edmunds from san jose. earlier i spoke with bay area native and gold medalist kristi yamaguchi and i asked her about our american figure skaters and their competitors. >> you have returning olympic champion yuna kim. and she is looking as great as ever. and then malasada working hard the last four years and i feel she looks amazing here. if she can land that triple
6:51 am
axel, that could give her the edge. of course yulia lipnitskaya, the hometown girl. >> 15-year-old who is like a gold medal favorite for russia. she is amazing. >> she is. 15 years old and the emotion and the composure that she brings to the ice is incredible. beyond her years for sure. she will have the hometown crowd behind her. i think that putser in gold medal contention. it's going to be tough. >> we have a phenom too, polina edmunds. does she have a shot? >> i think she does. i'm throwing polina in the mix. we have our own 15-year-old too, you know what, she is going to wow the audience as well. i think she has a chance at top 5. you never know what happens. strange things can happen so podium, it's far fetched but not
6:52 am
impossible. >> i think it's possible. ashley wagner, one of the u.s. figure skaters instagrammed this photo of the ladies draw to determine the order. there she is with polina edmunds and gracie gold. we don't know the results but we'll find out by wednesday when they take the ice. we're rooting for polina. it's possible that the russian phenom only 15 years old and if you remember 15 years ago tear ra lipinski won gold when she was 15 so. competition for ice dancing in ten minutes and you can watch it in prime time. from the sochi games, peggy and scott, back to you. >> clearly getting cold. >> you think it will affect the fog, janelle? i know the fog is an issue. does the weather change anything for you? >> reporter: no. i'm just freezing. i forgot my had and gloves. that's the problem. i left it in the hoyxt i packed
6:53 am
it up. we've had like spring like conditions and thenned got cold but i'll remember because we're heading to the mountains tomorrow. all my ski gear. >> bundle up. that's for sure. thank you for the latest >> we should point out when janelle is not on television she is writing a blog. you can head to the nbc home page, click on the link to her block and it's on the upper left of the screen. >> you don't have to be in sochi for the olympic spirit. >> a hands on lesson in curling. good morning, bob. >> reporter: you ready to see su preem athleticism. here we go. we're going to get this stone. sweep. sweep. heat that ice. someone's yelling. that's how its done.
6:54 am
gabrielle, good job, colleague friend of ours and a very good amateur curler, headed off to the nationals. >> in about with a week and a half. >> you're watching the u.s. compete. >> yes. >> i know. looking like they might have been in last place, not medal contention. what's happening you think? >> you know, they are having a tough tile out there. i don't know, i'm friends with these people, they are fantastic curlers but they are not connecting this week. i don't know. >> you think something happens to change with the usa curling as far as maybe going professional? everyone here it's a second job or second gig. >> that's the big question of the day. there are a lot of ways you can do with it. you can go the professional route. one of the big advantages the u.s. has, we're a big country. in california a smart athletic population. i would like to see us doing
6:55 am
more education and training, bring in more top athletes. >> i know your club, 150 strong, probably more after sochi. trying to build some sheets of ice in hayward. strictly for curling. what would be the grand vision? >> i think we could be like a champion factory for the u.s. i think we have the right population. you can have a long life span in the game. it's not like figure skating where you grow too big it's hard. it's like golf, you can play for a long time at high level. i think with the right training program and the right mix i think we could be successful on the world stage. >> great sweeping with you. awesome. and best of luck. great bunch of people. 150 strong. i'm sure they are going to pop after sochi. maybe up to 200.
6:56 am
>> after sochi you have to think a lot of people see this, they want to get involved. do they see a membership boost? >> probably expecting another 50 people would join? >> it could be up to 200. when i joined eight years ago we had 20 people. we got up to 100 after the olympics. i think as long as we can get the ice time and space. people love the game. >> after seeing my mad skills. >> one more? can you grab a rock. >> here we go. i'm going to hut on my slippery shoe. >> going to stand on one leg on the ice. what would possibly go wrong. >> here we go. i got brian and scott ready to sweep.
6:57 am
>> nice. >> that was part of the technique there. that late to gave it the extra curl. if i didn't do that it wouldn't go that far. >> sweep! >> bob redell. >> just about not there. >> with the length of the rink. bob redell, didn't realize you had to put on a special shoe. >> it's the whole thing. >> turns out 49ers tight end vernon davis is a curling fan. he's at the olympics watching all of the curling. >> davis was the honorary captain in the vancouver games. he tweeted out these photos, looking without a team usa jacket on. despite the visit the men were unable to make it out of group play. it's not easy. >> you can catch all of this excitement on nbc bay area.
6:58 am
it starts at 3:00. >> in prime time at 8:00 we have gold medal finals in ice dancing and men's free trial and then men's ski jumping. >> it's really foggy there. you cannot see the slopes. so here's what we're talking about. there's your problem. this is new video taken this morning by our nbc crews in sochi. you can barely see the cables on the lift. here is another photo. this is by maddie bowman. look at the fog. you can see why they were postponed. >> i know they are using fans. >> the light wind that helped the fog develop. we don't have that fog so it's interesting you get that dend moisture and condensation.
6:59 am
we're in the 40s, headed to the 60s. about 63 along the peninsula, 65 in the east bay, 59 degrees in san francisco. now, stick around, i'm going to be with you every 15 minutes all the way throughout the "today" show. and we're talking about showers in the forecast in days you may have missed it. >> time 6:59. big night ahead on nbc. bob costas is back. during prime time coverage of the olympics. he was out for the past six nights battling an eye infection. >> which went crazy on twitter but he's feeling better. jimmy fallon becomes the sixth host of the tonight show in 60 years, this will air at midnight after the oaks and our late news. simy will be back at the regular time of 11:35. >> we're back at 7:25. with a live local update.
7:00 am
>> have a great day. good morning, breaking news good morning, breaking news overnight. a rome-bound passenger plane with more than 200 people on board hijacked and flown to switzerland. the suspect, the flight's own co-pilot. this morning, his demands and why he eventually surrendered to police. coast-to-coast misery. another blast of heavy rain and high winds batters the pacific northwest. snow and ice targeting the midwest. and, yes, more snow for the winter weary northeast. al's tracking it all. closing in on a dream. meryl davis and charlie white dazzle on the


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